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We are expanding!

With effect from September
2014, the business has opened
a new depot in Durban North
at 28 Mackeurtan Avenue,
opposite Woolworths


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The Laundry Guy front deskIntroduction to The Laundry Guy

The Laundry Guy CC, trading as ?The Laundry Guy?, was established in 2006 and has been trading out of the Flanders Mall in Mount Edgecombe since its inception. Over its eight year existence, the business has acquired an established and loyal clientele through its exemplary service ethic, constituting both contract and walk-in business.


The business operates with a highly experienced staff compliment, most of whom have been with the company since inception and have been in the laundry business for the duration of their careers. Consequently, the business has developed an outstanding reputation in the industry.


Business Operations

The business continues to expand its operations. With effect from April 2014, the business acquired new premises for its commercial operation nearby in Glen Anil. Additional industrial washers and dryers have been commissioned, together with the relocation of existing machinery, providing more than adequate equipment, space and additional power supply to ensure ongoing and ever improving service delivery.


In September 2014, the business has opened a new depot in Durban North at 28 Mackeurtan Avenue, opposite Woolworths, to service the Durban North Market.


Further depots are expected to open in 2015.


The existing depot in Flanders Mall, Mount Edgecombe remains in place to continue to service its loyal walk-in clientele. It is the intention of the business to continue to maintain its strategic alliances with select, reputable partners who share the same ethical and legitimate approach to business by providing exemplary personalised service delivery to ensure reciprocal long term relations and mutual sustainability.


Pride in service ethic and delivery together with reputation by association have allowed the business to thrive in a competitive environment.


Infrastructure, capacity and resources

With effect from April, the business substantially increased its operational output capacity. The Laundry is equipped with top loader washers, industrial washers, hydro, top loader dryer, industrial dryers, industrial roller irons, press and industrial ironing stations. Additional industrial washers and dryers have been procured and were commissioned in April.


Our staff compliment comprise a dedicated and highly experienced team, most of whom have been with the company since inception and have been in the laundry business for the duration of their careers. Due to the nature of the services provided, the business currently operates two vehicles for collection and delivery.


Business Relationships

The historical long-term tenure of many of our Client relationships has created an association of mutual understanding and consequently, transactional simplicity. It has also given rise to a relationship informality extending beyond normal contractual terms with special payment arrangements, extraordinary collection and delivery services, and the flexibility to react to urgent requirements when necessary.


The Laundry Guy prides itself on its ability to provide such personalised service and, as a result, has become a reputable and preferred laundry services provider.


Service provision

The commercial devision of The Laundry Guy operates 7 days a week and the depots operate 6 days a week. This is done for the convenience of the walk-in trade as well as meeting the needs of hotel and other clients who operate similarly. From Ballito in the north to Morningside in the south, services provided constitute predominantly an all-inclusive package being, wash, dry, iron, fold and press. We also provide component, dry cleaning and alteration services as required.


Our vehicles collect and deliver daily on pre-determined circuits, at pre-arranged times. The business normally operates on a 24 hour turnaround however, we are often requested to expedite the process, and have the ability to oblige. Due to the size and nature of our business we are able to act on short lead times and apply flexibility to accommodate clients when required.


Pricing and Terms and conditions of supply

The Laundry Guy adheres to a strict code of conduct in its provision of services. These obligations and undertakings are clearly recorded in its service agreements. The company will not compromise on these and expects reciprocal adherence to the agreed terms and conditions.


The roles and responsibilities of both parties are clearly documented at the outset in the service contract. The Laundry Guy prides itself on service and product delivery so, notwithstanding operational efficiencies, no input compromises are tolerated. The processes must adhere to prescribed temperature washing, comprehensive wash and dry cycles and the correct measure of chemicals. Non-compliance with these processes can save input costs in the short term but can damage goods and is certainly not conducive to extended relationships. Unfortunately, these practices are all too common in the laundry industry and are often indicated by unsustainably low pricing in the market place.


The Laundry Guy recognises the importance of regular and consistent business. Notwithstanding this, pricing is based on real input costs and reasonable profit margins have to be upheld for sustainability to both parties. We continually revise our pricing structures based on current real costs, taking into consideration escalation, particularly of fuel and utility costs. However, when we set rates, these usually apply for a year.


Environmental compliancy

Powder detergent products are not biodegradable because of the phosphates. The Laundry Guy has recently converted to liquid detergent products. This is slightly more expensive but equally effective as a product and through controlled dispensing, more efficient.The fabric softener, oxygen bleach and alkaline boosters we use are all environmentally friendly and SABS approved.



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